Alphayue cello enkeltstrenge

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For Tomorrow's Soloists


  • Convincing Thomastik-Infeld quality
  • Hightech synthetic core married with renowned Thomastik-Infeld quality delivers a rich, sophisticated sound palette impossible to achieve with steel core strings
  • Game changing
  • Brilliant overtones with a full and dark fundamental sound
  • Immediate bow response
  • Beautiful projection and power
  • Gentle feeling in your fingers and left hand
  • Extremely sweat-proof
  • Short break-in time, excellent tuning stability and lifespan
  • Suitable for the full range of instruments, from dark to bright


AL41 a – Steel core, hydronalium wound

AL42 d – Steel core, multialloy wound

AL43 G – Rope core (3/4 steel core), chrome wound

AL44 C – Rope core, chrome wound

2 sizes: cello 4/4 – 70 cm | 27,6" / cello 3/4 – 65 cm | 25,6"