Versum SOLO cello enkeltstrenge

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The VERSUM SOLO Edition sets new standards and offers unprecedented combinations of sound, color and texture. The strings were developed with the goal of combining intense power, ideal response and the best possible projection. With effortless virtuosity, they optimize the performance of professional cellists and succeed in every acoustic situation.

The VERSUM SOLO A string impresses with its velvety color, solo brilliance and unlimited expressiveness. Even under maximum load, it offers all the colors that a cellist needs on stage: in delicate pianissimo as well as in rich fortissimo. Their light and elegant approach allows them to rely on their quick reactions. With its beautiful body and excellent carrying capacity, the VERSUM SOLO A belongs to the A League among the cello strings.

The VERSUM SOLO D string compensates for the known weaknesses of conventional D strings and impresses with its remarkable presence, structured body and rich color palette. After just a short playing time, you can create delicate nuances as well as full soloistic use, making it possible to elicit many harmonic overtones from the instrument.

VERSUM SOLO G and C strings embody an unprecedented synthesis of explosive dynamics and graceful suppleness with the best possible response. Their massive, deep core sound surprises with a radiant and lively touch. Equally exceptional is their ability to modulate: whether delicate or sweet piano, heroic fortissimo passages, or the hearty response – the player knows no bounds.

The sound approach can also be freely designed: whether soft, hard or sharp, from the baroque to the modern, VERSUM SOLO G and C strings offer sound and variation possibilities at the highest level.

In combination with VERSUM SOLO A and D strings, the treble strings sound even more lively and dynamic. At the same time they support a noble sound with vocal quality.


  • powerful sound body
  • soloistic brilliance
  • maximum load
  • a – Steel core, multialloy wound
  • d – Steel core, multialloy wound
  • G – Spiral core, tungsten/chrome wound
  • C – Spiral core, tungsten/chrome wound