Yamaha SLB300 Silent Upright Bass

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Since the release of our first Silent Bass, the SLB-100, in 2000, we’ve continued to sculpt our design and technology around the bassists’ requirements – and with the SLB-300, we’ve acheived a leap forward in realism.

The SLB300 is a brand-new type of electric upright bass which features our pioneering SRT technology. SRT models the way an acoustic double bass would sound professionally mic’d up in a recording studio – complete with the added resonance of an acoustic instrument. The result is a tone which sounds incredible – yet comes from the SLB300’s compact and semi-solid body structure which is designed for convenience.

The SLB-300 delivers a natural acoustic bass tone, excellent playability and unparalleled Silent Bass functionality – making it an ideal bass for more players than ever before.

  • Body designed for a natural, pure acoustic tone
  • ‘Studio Resonance Technology’ (SRT) restores natural body resonance to the overall tone
  • Three microphone emulation types
  • EQ control
  • Blend control to find the perfect tone

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